They say that everything is written?

Some believe it does…

Some believe it doesn’t, maybe a few, maybe in general, just not…

Some believe that if have values, honesty, faithfulness, so only good things will happen to you…

We all believe, and each one in its own way and its own truth.

I believe that when people have good values and a good way of life then the universe will reward them properly and it’s true.

But there is much more hidden that you should examine thoroughly in order to live properly, to understand more about your actions and who you are, and to understand why your life is as it is, for better or worse.

There are various prediction methods but in my personal opinion “The Emperor’s Astrology” is the best of the best.

There is nothing hidden from its sight and it is very precise about all aspects of life, from the best to the worst. Unfortunately.

It amazes me over and over again. People, which their lives I do not know, it reveals their whole world. Sounds scary? Sometimes yes. Especially when encountering people, who have consecutive problematic and difficult lives, or worse. It’s enough to look around and realize that life is not black and white. It’s very colorful, each one wants the colorful life but life teaches us that this is not the case and we should deal with various problems.

Each one has in the Map a distribution of palaces with aspects of life which contain better stars and less good start. In a palace with the less good stars lie our problems, and where there are better stars, there lie our successes.

The map includes twelve aspects of life: fate (self), siblings and relatives, love life, children, abundance, health, unconscious (foreign potential), friends, career, assets, happiness, parents.

And all life is written and ready from the day you were born.

This way or another you are routed to a particular way of life. Of course you have a path to choose, but you do not know that this path has been already written for you and in which you walk as long as you don’t know any other. Confusing?

Why is it good for you to know what the future holds for you? Simply because you want your life to be good, to minimize the damage, of course you want health, happiness and fortune, and to know that the path, the way you are walking in is right.

And so in every aspect in life.

Ultimately the choices you do in your own way and it is true for that specific moment in your life. But the question is whether your life is filled with success? Do you have a pleasant flow in your life? Is your life fulfilling? Are you satisfied?

There are aspects of life which you have no control over them: siblings, parents, friends, and even children.

But what is important is that what you do control will be under your control.

On the day by day you have plenty of choices, from the smallest ones to the largest and most important in your life, and in all kinds of aspects: employment, prosperity, happiness, career, choosing the people close to us and more.

So if you’ll know where are the obstacles in your life, there is no doubt it will be easier for you.

Life is short and shame to waste them with wrong decisions. It’s true they say “What does not kill us makes us stronger”, yet, it is highly recommended if you can avoid several aggravations.

You can, and even should use the Map in different aspects of your life.

If you want to figure out what is your path for an easier flow of life.

Now it’s the time.

An astrological map is an experience for itself, an experience in another level for women who want to change, to be changed and to succeed.

If you are one of those women I am here.

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