What do the five elements mean on the application?

The Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Chinese Numerology, and of course The Good days are based on the five elements with accordance to the Yin and Yang.

Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Among the five elements there is a complex relationship of feeding, weakening and controlling.

Each element feeds the following element and weakens the previous element and controls the element that is twice ahead.

The elements and animals appear together in proximity and at regular intervals (of 60) On the year, month, day and hour.

In every day’s choice you can see one of the twelve animals appears, and next to each animal, there is an element of the five elements, as mentioned once a year, once a month, day and hour.

Basic understanding for using the applicatסon:

According to the personal astrology we are affected of the five elements.

We are affected of the elements on the map in a changing quantity, per our date of birth. It is possible that on a certain map there is much Fire and no Water. There are those who in their map the Water element rules, but there is no Earth. And the possibilities are endless.

Regard to your astrological map:

Example: If in your map the Fire element is unbalanced, it might be that a day represented by the Fire element will be a difficult day to conduct physically and emotionally. Alternatively, if you do not have a lot of Fire, perhaps days, months or years represented by Fire are better and make you stronger.

If you have a lot of water on the map and you are often emotional flooded, it might be that a day, a year or an hour represented by water will make you be over excited with every little thing and so on.

The elements and animals’ combinations as they exist on the universal level in the calendar, personally affect each person in a different way, and you can understand them and their effects on you by your own astrological map.

A small tip: You can see the amount of elements on the map by calculating your date of birth on the astrological calculator, which is on the website for free.

To deepen and learn more about yourself, personal astrological consultation will get you that plus a valuable insight on your life.

In the Chinese astrology there are 12 animals that characterize us humans.

Each of us has, according to the date of birth, 4 energetic qualities that characterize us.

Year of birth, month, day, and time of birth.

In a more deep examination of the animal of your birth year, you can understand how the world sees you, including very notable character traits in you.

You month’s animal, characterizes your parents and also your childhood home.

Your day’s animal characterizes you and your spouse / partner.

And your hour’s animal characterizes you child, your expression and your day by day’s conduct.

For example:

Rabbit in the Hour – A daily occupation in personal and environmental aesthetics, cleanliness, and expanding horizons.

Tiger in the Day – both you and your partner really love the privacy and solitude, including engaging in intense activity, in constant moving.

Rooster in the Month – very strict parents who dictate order, and are very meticulous in the small details of life.

Sheep in the year – dealing with environmental lives, helping others, volunteering, even possible occupation of a social worker \ a psychologist etc.

You may see the animals according to your date of birth on the astrological calculator on the site

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