General Characteristic of Animals in Your Birth Year


Year of the Rooster
People born in the year of the Rooster are typically pleasure seeking and appreciate external esthetics, order, organization, perfectionism and being able to control those around them. They have leadership qualities, enjoy respect and strength and are naturally proud. Caring for family members is very important to them and they are very fair and tolerant of their surroundings. Personal and environmental comfort matters to them


 Year of the Dog
Prominent characteristics among those born in the year of the Dog are a fierce loyalty to home and country, safeguarding those weaker than themselves and upholding values. They seek to lead while paying close attention to their immediate environment. They are highly dedicated at work, honest and trustworthy, with the highest principles. Their uncompromising loyalty makes it hard for them to forgive any personal affront. They are somewhat conservative in nature, enjoy a simple life and make good friends.


Year of the Pig
These are people who show great concern for family and home. They like to give to those around them and are very faithful. They love people and form attachments easily. When necessary they display courage, making them good to rely on in times of trouble. They are mostly happy people and make good company.


Year of the Rat
Those born in the year of the Rat have excellent survival skills. They are constantly in motion, highly energetic, original and creative. They also have very inquiring minds and are serious and wise. Prominent characteristics are kind heartedness and personal charm, so they are fun to be around and easy to get along with. They are general engaged in ensuring material security and are ambitious to achieve status and recognition.


Year of the Ox
Here are people who enjoy routine. They are trustworthy and dependable, patient and constant, with the ability to work unhesitatingly towards a specific goal. They excel at producing successful results in any project they undertake.


Year of the Tiger
People born in the year of the Tiger are dynamic and always keen to bring about change in their lives. They are constantly busy and making plans, investing greatly in work, love and any challenges and exciting new situations they face in life. They have great curiosity about everything, are optimistic and sensitive, while also inclined to be loners and preferring to work solo.


Year of the Rabbit
Sensitivity, sensuality and a love of esthetics and cleanliness characterize people born in the year of the Rabbit. They are somewhat shy and prefer to avoid confrontation with the immediate environment. Justice and peace are important to them. They are easy going and pleasant to be around, since they enjoy tranquility and are generous to others. However they are also very wary of what they see around them.


Year of the Dragon
These are people who are highly motivated by willpower and ambition, aspiring primarily to status and power. They love independence and are always looking to move ahead. They are very confident and feel secure in their everyday conduct. At the same time they are always looking for thrills, attracting and drawing others into action and seeking perfection from themselves and other people in everything they do.


Year of the Snake
Those born in the year of the Snake enjoy the good life, going out and having fun. They are inquisitive, enjoy “pushing the envelope” and accumulating assets and status. A strong feminine intuition is typical and they tend to be unsure of other people, while at the same time they may have a strong influence on those around them.


Year of the Horse
How fitting that these are people with boundless energy to gallop ahead. They cherish freedom, as well as enjoying challenges and activity. Others may find them quite tiring but they do not run out of energy themselves. They are confident and brave and able to adapt amazingly quickly to their surroundings. However, they sometimes have difficulty concentrating on one thing and their attention is scattered around. They are very much “people people” and need strong social ties. Although always moving forward they also focus on the here and now.


Year of the Goat
Care and concern for those weaker than them characterize the warm-hearted and compassionate people born in the year of the Goat. Their generosity knows no limits and their company is always pleasant and enjoyable. Because they are known for helping others, they themselves will never be alone in times of trouble. They are highly sensitive and it is not wise to hurt them. They also listen attentively to other people’s troubles or whenever support is needed. On the other hand they will not open their own hearts readily until confident enough to trust their counterpart.


Year of the Monkey
The year of the Monkey produces people who are original, intelligent and rational, think quickly, plan and speak fluently. They enjoy action and mobility, are thirsty for knowledge and learning, with an inquiring and competitive nature. They strive for success at any price, are very goal oriented, but do not always include others in their plans. Esthetics and all external aspects are important to them.

Nitza Streuch, architect, feng shui consultant, Chinese astrologer.